Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

We believe that success for both manufacturers and wholesalers ultimately requires facing the challenges that extend to the product and production.  As a result, we assist in setting up internal controls to monitor inventory, cash flow, sales and payroll.  At the same time, we develop an operational budget is critical to monitoring the progress of business performance.  We walk through that process with our clients step by step.

Geltrude takes pride in guiding retail clients through the evolutions and revolutions of their business cycle.  Because of retail’s ever changing landscape, we constantly refine procedures to help ensure profitability and growth. We offer inventive strategies to streamline and upgrade your operations and reduce overall costs — performing cost/benefit analyses; strategizing lease negotiations, reducing shrinkage, setting wage and benefit policies, and assisting in obtaining financing.

We structure your business to maximize tax benefits through timely and effective tax planning.  We also thoroughly examine the tax implications of transactions such as leasing vs. buying equipment.  In addition, we are attentive to IRS and state rules for independent contractors – which can have a significant impact on a business.

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