Family/Closely Held Businesses

Family and owner-managed businesses are the core of our practice.  Since our inception in 1995, we have guided closely held businesses of all sizes and across a spectrum of industries – ultimately helping them chart the most effective pathways to growth, prosperity, and transition.  Recognizing that no factor is independent, our advice takes into account the interconnected nature of business, family, and individual needs.

We literally immerse ourselves in all aspects of your business to understand your goals and your world.  Then, we serve as your strategists and sounding board to help you make informed decisions.  Part of the strategy is to reduce tax exposure.  Our tax professionals are trained to analyze the tax consequences of any transaction a client may consider.  Therefore, we find ways to legally reduce the tax burden and limit exposure.

One of the challenges of a family owned business, is how to pass the reigns to the succeeding generations. Our professionals review all of the elements of your financial situation to ensure that family needs and goals are fulfilled.  In the end, we build an effective succession plan and help you prepare for a financially secure retirement.

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