Markets Served

Real Estate

Geltrude is widely recognized as a premier real estate accounting firm in the Northeast.  Our expertise and experience encompasses the real estate landscape and sets us apart from firms that simply perform accounting services for clients’ real estate portfolios.  Our clients include leading owners, developers, operators and investors involved in a wide spectrum of properties.

We represent clients that participate in complex transactions.  Our role is to assist in evaluating the economics of deals and maximizing the tax advantages.   Our goal is to overcome obstacles and find solutions.  As seasoned advisors in the real estate industry, we apply our creativity and technical acumen to form strategic partnership with our clients.  That partnership results in achieving goals and ensuring long term success.

We are mindful that every move our clients consider may have federal, state, local, and international tax consequences; therefore, we offer strategies and alternatives to put our clients in the best possible tax position.

Family/Closely Held Businesses

Family and owner-managed businesses are the core of our practice.  Since our inception in 1995, we have guided closely held businesses of all sizes and across a spectrum of industries – ultimately helping them chart the most effective pathways to growth, prosperity, and transition.  Recognizing that no factor is independent, our advice takes into account the interconnected nature of business, family, and individual needs.

We literally immerse ourselves in all aspects of your business to understand your goals and your world.  Then, we serve as your strategists and sounding board to help you make informed decisions.  Part of the strategy is to reduce tax exposure.  Our tax professionals are trained to analyze the tax consequences of any transaction a client may consider.  Therefore, we find ways to legally reduce the tax burden and limit exposure.

One of the challenges of a family owned business, is how to pass the reigns to the succeeding generations. Our professionals review all of the elements of your financial situation to ensure that family needs and goals are fulfilled.  In the end, we build an effective succession plan and help you prepare for a financially secure retirement.

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

We believe that success for both manufacturers and wholesalers ultimately requires facing the challenges that extend to the product and production.  As a result, we assist in setting up internal controls to monitor inventory, cash flow, sales and payroll.  At the same time, we develop an operational budget is critical to monitoring the progress of business performance.  We walk through that process with our clients step by step.

Geltrude takes pride in guiding retail clients through the evolutions and revolutions of their business cycle.  Because of retail’s ever changing landscape, we constantly refine procedures to help ensure profitability and growth. We offer inventive strategies to streamline and upgrade your operations and reduce overall costs — performing cost/benefit analyses; strategizing lease negotiations, reducing shrinkage, setting wage and benefit policies, and assisting in obtaining financing.

We structure your business to maximize tax benefits through timely and effective tax planning.  We also thoroughly examine the tax implications of transactions such as leasing vs. buying equipment.  In addition, we are attentive to IRS and state rules for independent contractors – which can have a significant impact on a business.

Non-Profits and Foundations

We have first-hand knowledge of how non-profits and foundations operate.  As a result, we continually advise boards of directors, chief executives, and financial officers on issues in financial management, government compliance, as well as day-to-day operations.  We also understand the federal guidelines and assist in managing financial requirements in the most cost-effective and efficient way.  We will determine the effectiveness of system design and operation, particularly as it relates to OMB Circular A-133.  Our professionals evaluate operations, budget variances, and income and expenses and looks for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Finally, as your advisors and strategic partner we understand the your most important asset is your reputation and we diligently work to protect it.


In an industry that presents many challenges, you need a business partner that is capable of providing sound guidance and advice.  We understand that significant up-front investments, changing market forces, and business cycles put construction clients to the test on virtually a day to day basis.  But Geltrude is there for you.  We introduce financing opportunities that are designed to place you in a secure cash position and assist in bonding requirements as well as improving bonding capacity.  We also help develop practical business plans that match resources to attainable goals.  Finally by performing operational reviews, we recommend ways to increase efficiency, financial security and profitability.

Employee Benefit Plans

Pension Auditors

High Net Worth Individuals

High net worth individuals and families require strategic planning that fits the goals and aspirations for managing, preserving and transferring wealth.  This calls for your professional to become intimately immersed in all financial matters in order to make appropriate recommendations.  Therefore, Geltrude works closely with your attorneys, investment advisors, insurance specialists and others to make certain that your planning is fully coordinated and complies with your needs and goals.  Before we make any recommendations on your financial position, we commit the time to learn about your lifestyle and understand your short and long term objectives.  Then, upon gaining an understanding of your complete financial picture, we build strategies to help you maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to, protect your assets, and pass wealth to the next generation.

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