Auditing & Risk Assessment

Auditing And Risk Management Services

The recurrence of corporate and financial scandals in recent years and the resulting media attention have exponentially increased public scrutiny of businesses, corporations, and even non-profits. In this climate in particular, companies and organizations need to be able to guarantee the stability and integrity of their financial foundations.

Geltrude’s auditing and risk management team provides professional services tailored to the unique organizational and operational processes of your business or organization. With an outstanding level of client responsiveness supported by solid technical knowledge, we are able to certify the financial structure and performance of every aspect of your company from human resources, IT, and operations to development, financial statements, and SOX and Section 404 compliance.

Additionally, we partner with you to perform comprehensive examination and analysis of internal control structures, policies and procedures, and accounting systems. Based on this evaluation, our team compiles and presents a comprehensive status report identifying any weaknesses, highlighting strengths, offering risk remediation strategies, and recommending ways to add value to your business.

Credibility is vital to growth and success, and once lost, it is nearly impossible to regain. Not only can Geltrude protect your credibility but we can also strengthen your standing among key stakeholders.

  • Financial performance
  • Internal controls review
  • Risk analysis & remediation
  • Pension plans
  • Mergers & acquisitions

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