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Career (noun): A field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement; a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling (Merriam-Webster)

Choosing a job is one thing, selecting a career is something else entirely. At Geltrude, we reject the job mentality and provide our team members the opportunity to pursue consecutive progressive achievement in the attainment of their professional goals.

We understand that the strength of our firm is a composite of the strengths of our people. As such, we firmly believe the best way to provide our clients with the outstanding service they have come to expect from Geltrude is to provide our staff with an environment in which they can grow, innovate, and refine their skills and expertise.

Our numerous practice areas offer opportunities for staff to focus their professional development in the area or areas corresponding to their interests and goals. And our firm’s position as an industry leader means that our team members work on the cutting edge of providing outstanding accounting and financial consulting services to clients representing a variety of sectors and interests.

Geltrude staff are a diverse group of dynamic, focused, forward-thinking professionals ready to take on challenges and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to produce superior results. They possess an entrepreneurial spirit and share our unwavering commitment to giving our best to our clients, our associates, and our community.

If you can picture yourself part of our winning team, please click here to view current career opportunities. Please click here to view our commitment to diversity.


Because today’s interns are tomorrow’s professionals, we design our internships to provide real, hands-on experience in the exciting, demanding, and fast-paced world of advanced accounting and financial consulting. Interns contribute directly to client projects spanning tax return preparation, audit procedures, financial statements, and more. Additionally, all of our interns learn and perform the basic business tasks requisite to any firm’s success.

Interns often return to us throughout their academic years, and in selecting our full-time professionals, we often look to our current and past interns. In short, a Geltrude internship is a launching pad to a successful career in the public accounting and financial consulting industry.

To contact our intern coordinator for more information or to request application guidelines, please click here.

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